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Simulations, Data Analysis and Algorithms

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Figure 5

From: On the reliability of N-body simulations

Figure 5

Comparison of Brutus results and analytical distributions. Distributions are given for the escaper speed (top left) and kinetic energy (top right), binary semimajor axis (middle left), binding energy (middle right) and binary eccentricity (bottom). The results from the Brutus simulations are represented by the data points, for each of the four sets of initial conditions: Plummer equal mass (black bullets), Plummer with different masses (red triangles), cold Plummer equal mass (blue squares) and cold Plummer with different masses (green stars). Note that we use standard Hénon units (Hénon 1971; Heggie and Mathieu 1986). Analytical models from the literature are fitted to the empirical distributions represented by the curves. For the eccentricities we plot the thermal distributions.

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