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Figure 15 | Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology

Figure 15

From: GPU-enabled particle-particle particle-tree scheme for simulating dense stellar cluster system

Figure 15

Evolution of semi-major axis (top), eccentricity (middle) of the SMBH binary and energy error (bottom) for the several different valuse of \(\pmb{\Delta t_{\mathrm{soft}}}\) . Thick solid, dashed and dotted curves show the results of \(\mathrm{P}^{3}\mathrm{T}\) scheme with \(\Delta t_{\mathrm{soft}}\) is less than \(t_{\mathrm{kep}}/4\), \(t_{\mathrm{kep}}/2\) and \(t_{\mathrm{kep}}\), respectively.

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