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Figure 1

From: Implicit large eddy simulations of anisotropic weakly compressible turbulence with application to core-collapse supernovae

Figure 1

Time evolution of the diagnostic quantities for the fiducial set of runs PPM_HLLC with different resolutions. The left panel shows the root mean square (RMS) Mach number, while the middle and right panels show, respectively, the ratios \(R_{xx}/R_{yy}\) and \(R_{xx}/R_{zz}\), R being the Reynolds stress tensor (equation (4)). Since the x-direction is the anisotropic direction (it would play the role of the radial direction in a CCSN) the ratios \(R_{xx}/R_{yy}\) and \(R_{xx}/R_{zz}\), offer a global measure of the anisotropy of the flow at the largest scale. All of the quantities appear to have reached stationarity after time \(t \gtrsim3\) and oscillate around their target values. All resolutions produce the same qualitative behavior.

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