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Simulations, Data Analysis and Algorithms

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Figure 2

From: Implicit large eddy simulations of anisotropic weakly compressible turbulence with application to core-collapse supernovae

Figure 2

Square root of the magnitude of the vorticity, \(\pmb{\sqrt{\vert \nabla\times\mathbf{v}\vert }}\) , for four of the simulations with 512 \(\pmb{^{3}}\) resolution in a slice through the middle of the x - z plane at the final time of the simulations ( \(\pmb{t=100}\) ). The panels show simulations using PPM_HLLE_N512, PPM_HLLC_N512, WENOZ_HLLC_N512, and TVD_HLLC_N512 clockwise from the top left. The direction of the anisotropic driving is up in these figures. The colorcode goes linearly from 0 (no vorticity; dark colors) to 15 (light colors) and it is the same for all panels.

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