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Simulations, Data Analysis and Algorithms

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Figure 12

From: Simulations of stripped core-collapse supernovae in close binaries

Figure 12

A \(\pmb{30 R_{\odot }}\) by \(\pmb{30 R_{\odot }}\) slice through the x - y (initial orbital) plane showing the mean metallicity ( \(\pmb{1 - X_{\mathrm{H}} - X_{\mathrm{He}}}\) ) within \(\pmb{1 R_{\odot }}\) of the plane at (a) 733 s and (b) 2028 s after a supernova in a \(\pmb{3 M_{\odot }}\) primary at an orbital separation of \(\pmb{4 R_{\odot }}\) . Black vectors show samples of the momentum of the material unbound from the companion star projected onto the orbital plane, as in Figure 5.

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