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Simulations, Data Analysis and Algorithms

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Table 1 Summary of problem configurations used for performance analysis of post-processing implementation in BoxLib

From: In situ and in-transit analysis of cosmological simulations

Grid size 5123 1,0243
Problem size 10 Mpc 20 Mpc
Resolution \({\sim}20~\mbox{kpc}\) \({\sim}20~\mbox{kpc}\)
Box size 643 1283
# Boxes 4,096 4,096
# MPI procs in situ 2,048 4,096
# MPI procs (CT) 2,048 4,096
# MPI simulation procs (CS) 2,048 4,096
  1. ‘CT’ denotes the total number of MPI processes used in-transit, whereas ‘CS’ is the number of processes devoted purely to evolving the simulation, with an additional set of processes dedicated to performing post-processing (see Section 5.3 for a complete description of these configurations).