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Figure 12

From: The evolution of hierarchical triple star-systems

Figure 12

Radius and mass evolution. The evolution of the radii (dashed line) and mass (dash-dotted line) as a function of time for the stars in a triple that transitions from a region with regular to eccentric Lidov-Kozai behaviour i.e. MIEK. The initial conditions of the triple are given in Table 3, based on Shappee and Thompson (2013) and Michaely and Perets (2014). The primary star is shown in blue, the secondary in green and the tertiary in red. The Roche lobe of the primary and secondary are overplotted (blue solid line and green solid line respectively). The Roche lobe of the tertiary is 6,500-8,000\(R_{\odot}\). After about 55.5 Myr, the primary star fills its Roche lobe.

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