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TableĀ 1 Necessary parameters to describe a single star system, a binary and a triple

From: The evolution of hierarchical triple star-systems

Parameters Stellar Orbital
Single star m -
Binary \(m_{1}\), \(m_{2}\) a, e
Triple \(m_{1}\), \(m_{2}\), \(m_{3}\) \(i_{\mathrm{mutual}}\), \(a_{\mathrm {in}}\), \(e_{\mathrm{in}}\), \(g_{\mathrm{in}}\), \(h_{\mathrm{in}}\), \(a_{\mathrm{out}}\), \(e_{\mathrm{out}} \), \(g_{\mathrm{out}}\), \(h_{\mathrm {out}}\)
  1. For stellar parameters, age and metallicity of each star can be added. The table shows that as the multiplicity of a stellar system increases from one to three, the problem becomes significantly more complicated.