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Figure 11 | Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology

Figure 11

From: The black hole accretion code

Figure 11

Magnetised Bondi flow: comparing FCT and GLM. Top: logarithmic density and streamlines in 2D magnetised Michel accretion at times \(t=0\mbox{ M}\) (left) and \(t=100\mbox{ M}\) using GLM (centre) and FCT (right). The horizon is marked by the black line at \(r=2\). Bottom: profiles at \(\theta=\pi/2\) of, from left to right, radial 3-velocity, density and radial magnetic field at \(t=0\mbox{ M}\) (blue circles) and \(t=100\mbox{ M}\) (red line) using GLM (upper) and FCT (lower). The last column shows the relative difference between the magnetic field at \(t=100\mbox{ M}\) and at the initial condition.

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