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Figure 10 | Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology

Figure 10

From: Observing supermassive black holes in virtual reality

Figure 10

Movie snapshots from Scene 3. The observer now begins their journey through the accretion flow (panels with frames 5100–6150), before being advected away from the black hole via the large-scale jet (panels with frames 7200–8599). At frame 6150 the observer is at their point of closest approach to the black hole, where the incident flux is as high as \(\approx25 L_{\odot}\). This region is highly optically thick, completely obscuring the observer’s view of the black hole shadow. As the observer is advected further away, by frame 8599 the angular size of the black hole and the surrounding accretion flow is greatly reduced and appears almost point-like

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