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Figure 2

From: Fast cosmic web simulations with generative adversarial networks

Figure 2

Comparison of summary statistics between N-body and GAN simulations, for box size of 500 Mpc. The statistics are: mass density histogram (upper left), peak count (upper right), power spectrum of 2D images (lower left) and cross power spectrum (lower right). The cross power spectrum is calculated between pairs N-body images (blue points), between pairs of GAN images (red points), and between pairs consisting of one GAN and one N-body image (cyan points). The power spectra are shown in units of \(h^{-1}\) Mpc, where \(h= \mathrm{H}_{0}/100\) corresponds to the Hubble parameter. The standard errors on the mean of the shown with a shaded region, and are too small to be seen for the first three panels

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