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Figure 7

From: A new hybrid technique for modeling dense star clusters

Figure 7

Phase-space Scatterplots of Stars and BHs—The specific energy (potential plus kinetic) versus the specific angular momenta for each particle at four different points during the evolution of the \(m_{\mathrm{BH}}/m_{\mathrm{star}} = 20\) and \(M_{\mathrm{BH}}/M_{\mathrm{star}}=20\) model. We show the scatter plot of E vs J at the beginning of the simulation, at the point of deepest collapse (500 \(T _{\mathrm{{dyn}}}\)), at the point of greatest core re-expansion (5000 \(T _{\mathrm{{dyn}}}\)), and at the end of the simulation (20,000 \(T_{\mathrm{{dyn}}}\)) after the majority of BHs have been ejected

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