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Simulations, Data Analysis and Algorithms

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Figure 6 | Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology

Figure 6

From: The IllustrisTNG simulations: public data release

Figure 6

Web-based visualization of galaxies and their halos. Example of some possible halo-scale and galaxy-scale visualizations from TNG300-1 and TNG100-1, made using the web-based API functionality, viewing the dark matter, gas, and stars. The top eight panels show the 20th most massive halo of TNG300-1 at \(z=0\) (circle indicating \(r_{ \mathrm{vir}}\)). The bottom eight panels show face-on and edge-on views of subhalo 468590 of TNG100-1 at \(z=0\) (circles indicating \(r_{ 1/2,\star}\) and \(2r_{1/2,\star}\))

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